Employment Opportunity: Student Experience Guru

The Division of Teaching Laboratories (DTL) runs a fun, engaging, and hands-on summer program called Faculty of Medicine’s Youth Summer Program (MED YSP). MED YSP welcomes 120 high school students each summer from over 10 countries. Students study science through the scientific method, conduct labs at the Medical Sciences Building, learn lab skills, and discover existing and new careers in health sciences, medicine, and research. We hire passionate UofT undergrad, grad, and professional program students who teach and facilitate the labs for youth. Visit www.ysp.utoronto.ca to learn more, watch our program trailer to get an idea of what you will be doing, and visit our Instagram / TikTok pages to see how we inspire the next generation of youth.

What you will be doing?

TL/DR: We're looking for the Steve Harvey (Family Feud) of science. You will be interacting with students through game shows, social media, using your creativity and popular online tools to make science educational and fun.

In this creative role, you will develop ways to engage with youth through videography, photography, and fun activities. The goal is to excite students about careers in medicine, health care and research. You will have flexibility to try new ways teaching science to generation Z/alpha. You will use Kahoot, run workshops, film videos, create games and competitions for students among other activities.

  • Creative work (photo, video, graphic design, the great game show) - 40%
  • Engaging with students - 35%
  • Admin - 25%

What we value?

There are many different ways to learn science. We strive to provide an engaging and hands on approach to learning difficult scientific concepts. We value the different academic and cultural background that you will bring to the team and your ability to adapt to student needs. We want our students and staff to have a memorable experience by creating a fun learning environment.

Opportunities for Growth

Working at MED YSP you will further develop your creative skills in marketing, social engagement, communication, and organization while working with diverse stakeholders (students, professors, organizations). You will have the opportunity to create fun content for students through videography and photography, graphic design, social media, and the great game show. You will also work with students and other team members to capture memorable moments.

Job Description/Responsibilities

  • Comfortable being in front of camera and with 100+ students; charismatic and high energy. Keep students engaged in science by planning fun activities.
  • Create engaging trailers using different media such as photography and videography to post photos to galleries.
  • Know how to operate video camera (i.e. cell phone, iPad, DSLR)
  • Create 1-2 min video trailers.
  • Run and host the Great Game Show -- a Jeopardy-style game which tests student’s knowledge in medicine
  • Oversee sale of merchandise
  • Interact with students, engage in activities, and conversations
  • Assist in the planning and goal setting for social media channels. Post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Daily monitoring of all social media channels
  • Create a fun and dynamic learning environment
  • Biomedical Communication students: apply your skill set.

Skills and Experience

Education ·         Minimum 1 years undergraduate.

·         Science is an asset but not a requirement. We are looking for a person who can passionately convey the beauty of science.

Experience ·         Editing videos (Final cut Pro or Adobe Premier or other software)

·         OBS (Open Broatcast Software), Twitch Discord or willing to learn

·         Graphic Design (Photoshop), Excel, Coding (optional)

·         Strong verbal and written communication skills

Competencies ·         Establishes a collaborative environment

·         Creative mindset and writing skills

·         Efficiency and top-notch organization

·         Creates content


Availability Requirements

This is full-time work from Friday, May 26 to Tuesday, August 8, 2023, working hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, during peak times. Training will be provided and there will be a couple non-working days in June. There are two conditions of employment, 1) clear a police background check and 2) obtain medical clearance for biosafety training, and 3) updated vaccination status in accordance with UofT policies.

You will be working on-site at the Medical Sciences Building, UofT St. George campus.

How do I apply?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Prepare your application package in the following order.
    1. Cover letter
      1. Provide examples of how you will make science fun for students.
    2. Your Resume
    3. Creative portfolio, you can:
      1. Describe what you have worked on/include samples;
      2. AND/OR: Provide links to what you have worked on;
      3. AND/OR: Tell us how you will make MED YSP engaging, educational, and fun.
  1. Copy of transcript. (A non-official transcript is acceptable.)
  1. Combine all your documents into a single PDF file and name it LASTNAME-Firstname-MEDYSP23SEG.pdf (e.g. SMITH-Jane-MEDYSP23SEG.pdf)
  2. Email your application package to Mr. Artur Jakubowski at med.ysp@utoronto.ca. Please use subject line "Job Posting MEDYSP23SEG LASTNAME Firstname"


Deadline: Deadline: 5 PM on March 15, 2023. (Only successful candidates will be contacted by March 15, 2023)