Law Overview, Academic Modules

Every summer, high school students are offered a unique law school experience by the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. Students from across North America and around the world are invited to learn at Canada’s most prestigious law school!

During the Law YSP, students currently enrolled in grades 10 through 12 can spend between one and five weeks at the Faculty of Law discussing advanced legal concepts, learning about the reality of the Canadian legal system, and applying their knowledge in a variety of stimulating environments.

For high school students interested in the law and legal issues, the Law YSP offers an unprecedented opportunity to spend time in the fascinating world of Canadian and international law, legal thinking and advocacy.

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Academic Modules

March Break Youth Program - In the Shoes of a Law Student - the Complete Law School Experience!
How do you get into law school? What is it like being a law student? What types of careers are available in the field of law? The brand new March Break Youth Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law explores these questions and more. This one-week module offers participants a unique glimpse into the study of law at Canada’s leading law school. Through interactive workshops, lectures, field trips and legal simulations, students will immerse themselves in the world of legal thinking and advocacy and step into the shoes of a law student.


Criminal Law: Prosecute and Defend Murder!
In contrast to the popular portrayal of criminal law presented in bestselling novels and Hollywood movies, this module engages students in the realities of criminal legal practice by immersing them in the proceedings of a murder trial. In preparation for their culminating mock trials, students work with leading criminal litigators to develop complex legal strategies, weigh evidence, consider possible defenses, prepare and examine witnesses, and deliver persuasive arguments in a courtroom setting.


International Law: Protect Human Rights and Examine International Norms!
When is the international community responsible for interfering in cross-border matters? Should global institutions prosecute individuals or censure rogue states? Is there ‘one law that binds us all’? Through dynamic workshops, debates, lectures, field trips and interactive activities, students learn to frame issues in the language of international law, explore the world of global human rights, and examine institutions such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.


Corporate Law: Negotiate Big Business Deals!
What is a corporation?  What are its legal responsibilities and obligations?  Relationships between corporations and the law are complex, often surrounded by significant degrees of controversy. During this module, students engage with leading corporate lawyers and experts, and visit top Canadian corporate law firms and in-house legal departments. They immerse themselves in complex legal simulations, exploring corporate mergers and acquisitions, contracts, negotiation and corporate social responsibility.


Social Justice: Advocate For A More Equitable Society!
How do justice, fairness, equality, and human rights connect? What are the ways to use the law to bring about positive change within society? Through immersive experiences such as debates, simulations, enlightening field trips, and insights from legal experts and social justice champions, students will delve into pressing social issues, explore legal frameworks, and develop practical advocacy skills to effect positive change. By putting these skills into practice to navigate social justice and legal challenges, they will develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of how to promote fairness and equity within our legal system and society.


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