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Do you love to teach science and medical concepts? Are you the next Bill Gal/Guy? Join us this summer to teach youth from across Canada and the World.

Teaching Team

The MED YSP program delivers university-level science classes in an accessible and engaging manner. In order to ensure the quality of delivery, the process of selecting instructors is rigorous to ensure that only those individuals with the necessary skill, experience and passion, for sharing their knowledge and inspiring a younger generation of Canadian students, are hired.

Instructors come from diverse academic backgrounds that span the fields of human biology, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology to toxicology and allow instructors to work collaboratively during the program to deliver the four one-week long modules. Lectures, labs, demonstrations, discussion panels and informal conversations are employed to educate the students in the knowledge and mechanics of science. The YSP philosophy is to have inquisitive young minds from across Canada come together at a world-class institution where they can work with and teach students the beauty of science.

For the 2023 MED YSP program we have an diverse team of passionate educators: Anika Kisana, Caitlin Holleran, Christina Tao, Elina Kim, Emily Nguyen, Erika Teeter, Esther Lim, Eva Di Nallo, Isobel D'Lorio, Landon See, Lara Athena Reyes, Michael Peng, Rachelle Lee, Rishi Vakulabharanam, Will Stager, and Artur K. Jakubowski as Program Coordinator.

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Anika Kisana
Anika recently graduated and completed a Biotechnology Specialist with a minor in Chemistry at UofT Missisauga. She’ll be attending medical school in the fall. To her, her favorite part of MEDYSP is the community that it brings, as well as being able to explore the various interdisciplinary fields of science. Here’s a secret about Anika: she’s a major foodie-and her favorite type of cuisine is Korean.
Caitlin Holleran
Caitlin is an incoming fourth year, pursuing a Biochemistry and Global Health double major. Her favorite part of MEDYSP is all of the fun demos that are planned. And don’t tell anyone, but Caitlin used to be a competitive tap dancer!
Christina Tao
Christina is entering her third year pursuing majors in Neuroscience and Pharmacology, as well as a minor in Psychology. Her favorite part of MEDYSP is leading fun labs with the amazing instructor team for prospective university students! Keep this secret: her dream job was once to be a diplomat.
Elina Kim
Elina is entering her first year of PharmD at Leslie Dan School of Pharmacy, but finished her second year with a Pharmacology major and Cell and Systems Biology Major. What Elina loves about MEDYSP is that regardless of your role, you could learn from each other since everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences. And wait..Elina played the bassoon in highschool!
Emily Nguyen
Emily is entering her third year of medical school at UofT. Her favorite part of MEDYSP is meeting and working with students from all over the GTA, Canada, and the world! And keep this on the down low, but Emily loves watching anime and listening to K-pop (and would be happy to hear recommendations)!
Erika Teeter
Erika is entering her third year in a Neuroscience specialist, with a major in Psychology. She’s looking forward to the opportunity to teach and inspire young prospective students and the fun labs planned! And while Erika loves corgis, she doesn’t have one.
Esther Lim
Esther is entering her fourth year as a Pharmacology specialist and an Immunology minor. Her favorite part of MEDYSP is being able to learn with fellow instructors and inspire the next generation of scientists! One secret about her is that she’s trilingual in Korean, Mandarin, and English because she’s lived in each one of those language-speaking countries for 7+7+7 years!
Eva Di Nallo
Eva recently graduated with a degree in Neuroscience and Physiology. Her favorite part of MEDYSP is having the opportunity to teach some of her favorite science topics to young, bright minds, and being able to inspire the next generation of scientists! Uh oh..Eva’s secret is that her biggest fear is geese.
Isobel D'Iorio
Isobel graduated Life Sciences from UofT and most recently graduated with a Master of Science in Human Anatomy. Isobel’s favorite part of MEDYSP is getting to share her passion of anatomy and physiology! She also loves learning from the other instructors and students about their areas of interest. Keep this secret about Isobel: she can solve a Rubiks cube in under two minutes!
Landon See
Landon is an incoming third year pursuing a Specialist in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Major in Biochemistry, and a Minor in Science, Technology, and Society. To him, although every aspect of MEDYSP is extremely exciting, his favourite part of the program involves witnessing students find their spark. This program encourages students to be creative, allows students to enhance their scientific passion, and teaches science in a very fun and creative way. He is super excited to be an instructor this year and help spark students' creativity! And here’s a secret about Landon-he loves playing hockey, golf, and badminton!
Lara Athena Reyes
Lara is entering their third year of undergraduate studies, pursuing a Global Health major and minors in Biology and Bioethics. Her favorite part of MEDYSP is the fun and digestible approaches to science that makes it accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds. And this isn’t exactly a secret, but she has a corgi and four cats back in the Philippines (ask her about them!!).
Michael Peng
Michael is entering his fourth year pursuing majors in Physiology and Psychology. Michael’s favorite part of MEDYSP is bringing his unwavering passion for laboratory science into the classrooms. Michael’s secret is that he wants to be a reconstructive and plastic surgeon.
Rachelle Lee
Rachelle is going into her fourth year, pursuing a Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Specialist, Neuroscience Major, and Physiology Minor. Rachelle’s favorite part of MEDYSP is getting to meet students and peers from all sorts of academic backgrounds and getting to work with everyone in a field that she’s passionate about! One secret about Rachelle is that she has zero spice tolerance (and zero as in carbonated drinks are spicy).
Rishi Vakulabharanam
Rishi graduated with an Honor’s Bachelors of Science with majors in Neuroscience and Biomedical Toxicology, and a minor in Immunology. Rishi will be entering medical school at University of Saskatchewan in the fall. Rishi’s favorite part of MEDYSP is getting to teach amazing students with the most amazing team in the world. And don’t tell anyone, but Rishi loves to bake different pastries but rarely eats them himself.
Will Stager
Will is entering his fourth year pursuing a double major in Physiology and Neuroscience. For Will, his favorite part of MEDYSP is the opportunities for hands-on activities since he didn’t even get to try these techniques until his third year! A secret about Will, though, is that he used to be 7th in Canada for archery when he was 14..then his rib popped out of his spine (so now he rock climbs).