The MED YSP program delivers university-level science classes in an accessible and engaging manner. In order to ensure the quality of delivery, the process of selecting instructors is rigorous to ensure that only those individuals with the necessary skill, experience and passion, for sharing their knowledge and inspiring a younger generation of Canadian students, are hired.

Instructors come from diverse academic backgrounds that span the fields of human biology, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology to toxicology and allow instructors to work collaboratively during the program to deliver the four one-week long modules. Lectures, labs, demonstrations, discussion panels and informal conversations are employed to educate the students in the knowledge and mechanics of science. The YSP philosophy is to have inquisitive young minds from across Canada come together at a world-class institution where they can work with and teach students the beauty of science.

For the 2021 MED YSP program we have an diverse team of passionate educators: Tabina Ahmed, Anupama Bhadwal, Kezia Dick, Alex Gebreamlak, Laura Godin, Karen Indrawinata, Kameron Iturralde, Lucie Kim, Chloe Lam, Natalie Mauceri, Emily Nguyen, Amna Noor, Sarah Profenna, Bana Samman, Lakindu Somaweera, Jeanette Titus, Andrew Wang, and Artur K. Jakubowski as Program Coordinator.

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Tabina Ahmed

Tabina Ahmed has recently finished up her fourth year at the University of Toronto, studying as a Health & Disease Specialist, a Cells & Systems Biology Major and a Physiology minor. She is thrilled to get to know all the students at MEDYSP during the summer of 2021 and is even more excited to perform at-home experiments with them to get them familiarized with the medical and research fields. A few things to know about her are that she loves cats (even though she does not have one), loves to paint, and really wants to visit Italy someday.

Anupama Bhadwal

Anupama will be entering her fourth year of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto this fall. She is pursuing a double major in Physiology and Pharmacology along with a minor in Buddhism, Psychology & Mental Health. Some of her interests include taking walks, reading, and napping! She is very excited to be an instructor this year and meet students with a similar passion for science.

Kezia Dick

Kezia is a first-year instructor at MED YSP, and she is so excited to be one of your instructors for the summer! She just finished her second year studying biochemistry at UofT. Her career goal is to be a part of a research team that spearheads a drug development project to help cure/treat a genetic disease. Kezia was actually inspired to go into this field in high school, and it was because her school offered a course that taught much of the material you will be introduced to in MED YSP! In her spare time, Kezia loves to sing and arrange music for her UofT a cappella group Surround Sound. Kezia can’t wait to share her passion about science with all of you!

Alex Gebreamlak

Alex is one of your 2021 MED YSP instructors this summer. He has just completed his third year of study at University of Toronto and is double majoring in Immunology and Health and Disease. It is his first year with MED YSP and he is really excited to meet new faces and help you learn key concepts. Alex loves to spend time outside going on adventures, whether it be camping, hiking or relaxing and he is going to play his part to make sure you have a wonderful time this summer.

Laura Godin

Laura has recently graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, Immunology, and Physiology. She is so excited to be bringing you live demonstrations from campus this summer! When not in a library, she can be found in 1 of 3 places: a movie theatre, an ice-rink, or somewhere hiking the great outdoors.

Karen Indrawinata

Karen is entering her 4th year at the University of Toronto St. George, double majoring in Neuroscience and Physiology. She loves reading, exploring nature, and she’s also a recent puzzle enthusiast! Karen is excited to meet you and to learn together this summer!

Kameron Iturralde
Student Experience Guru

Kameron is entering his 4th year at the University of Toronto St. George campus, where he will be completing a specialist in Pharmacology, and a major in Biochemistry. He is a life-long learner and loves to mesh his creative and academic backgrounds through video editing, and other projects. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, and going to the gym.

Lucie Kim

Lucie graduated from the University of Toronto, majoring in Biomedical Toxicology alongside a double minor in Women & Gender Studies and Equity Studies. She enjoys relaxing indoors with a good book, but also loves going outdoors for runs. Recently she has picked up cooking, because who doesn’t like to eat good food? If you know a good recipe, feel free to share! 

Chloe Lam

Chloe is entering her 4th year at the University of Toronto majoring in Physiology and Nutritional Sciences. An aspiration of hers is to travel and work internationally after she graduates! She loves going on picnics, cats (even though she's allergic), and is always open to new bubble tea recommendations. Chloe is so excited to meet and learn with you all this summer!

Natalie Mauceri

Natalie has just graduated from University of Toronto with a double major in Pharmacology and Human Biology: Health and Disease. She will be entering nursing school in the Fall. Her favourite things to do are read fantasy novels and play video games. She also loves nature and going for walks, and she is excited to meet you all!

Emily Nguyen

Emily recently completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto St. George, majoring in Physiology and Health and Disease. She will begin medical school at the University of Toronto in September. When she’s not studying, Emily can be found volunteering at the Royal Ontario Museum or running. Emily loves trying coffee shops in the city and is always open to recommendations!

Amna Noor

Amna recently graduated from the University of Toronto majoring in Animal Physiology and Human Biology with a minor in Immunology and will begin her master's degree in Anatomy in the September. When she is not studying, she enjoys reading, going on long walks, and exploring new food spots!

Sarah Profenna

Sarah just graduated 4th year at University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor's degree of Science in Human Biology, Immunology and Physiology and will be studying Medical Laboratory Technology in the fall. Some of her interests include taking nature walks, cooking different types of food, and conducting experiments at home! She is excited to be a returning instructor and can’t wait to meet you all!

Bana Samman

Bana has just graduated from the University of Toronto, specializing in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology and majoring in Immunology. She absolutely loves to learn, and she’s fascinated by all the intricacies of human diseases. Bana’s most recent new hobby is biking along Lakeshore, and in her free time, she loves to explore the Toronto food scene and watch way too many movies and TV shows. She absolutely can’t wait to meet you all this summer!

Lakindu Somaweera

Lakindu just completed his 3rd year of undergrad at the University of Toronto, specializing in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, majoring in Physiology, and minoring in Immunology. He will be entering medical school at McMaster University in August. Outside of school, Lakindu enjoys swimming, board games, and playing musical instruments. He is also a huge anime fan and would love to hear any of your recommendations!

Jeanette Titus

Jeanette just finished up her 4th year majoring in neuroscience with a double major in physiology and immunology, and will be starting naturopathic medical school in September. She is a huge foodie, loves to hit up the new places around the city, and can't wait to travel again! Jeanette is so excited to share her passion of science and teaching with you all this summer as well as learning together!

Andrew Wang

Andrew is an incoming 4th year student specializing in Pharmacology and majoring in Physiology. Aside from engaging in student unions, he also enjoys longboarding, playing volleyball and practicing piano.