Calendar – Online MED YSP 2022

ATTENTION: The schedules below are from 2021 to show how the program is structured. Schedules for 2022 will be updated three days before start of each module.

2022 schedules (PNG files)

As a future university student, we expect you to arrive early and be prepared to learn. Please click on each module to download the schedule. You’ll notice your day is planned out by the minute.

Pro-Tip: Save this schedule to your phone or make it your computer wallpaper and you can easily refer to it.

Schedule for Students attending VIRTUAL ONLY program.Schedule for Students attending VIRTUAL + IN-PERSON workshops program.
Week 1 - Physiology VIRTUAL only studentsWeek 1 - Physiology (includes in-person schedule)
- Tue. in-person
- Wed. in-person
- Thu. in-person
- Tue. Wed. Thu. in-person, for those who signed up for all three.
Week 2 - MicrobiologyWeek 2 - Microbiology (includes in-person schedule)
Week 3 - Molecular BiologyWeek 3 - Molecular Biology (includes in-person schedule)
Week 4 - Pharmacology & ToxicologyWeek 4 - Pharmacology & Toxicology (includes in-person schedule)

2021 schedules (PNG files) – for reference

  1. Module 1 – Physiology module 2021
  2. Module 2 – Molecular Biology 2021
  3. Module 3 – Pharmacology 2021
  4. Module 4 – Microbiology 2021

Digital Google calendar

This Google calendar is a guide. Always refer to the detailed schedules for exact meeting times.