The MED YSP program delivers university-level science classes in an accessible and engaging manner. In order to ensure the quality of delivery, the process of selecting instructors is rigorous to ensure that only those individuals with the necessary skill, experience and passion, for sharing their knowledge and inspiring a younger generation of Canadian students, are hired.

Instructors come from diverse academic backgrounds that span the fields of human biology, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology to toxicology and allow instructors to work collaboratively during the program to deliver the four one-week long modules. Lectures, labs, demonstrations, discussion panels and informal conversations are employed to educate the students in the knowledge and mechanics of science. The YSP philosophy is to have inquisitive young minds from across Canada come together at a world-class institution where they can work with and teach students the beauty of science.

For the 2019 MED YSP program we welcome the following as instructors and lab assistants: Enri Boshti, Wilson Chung, Kiu Fear, Farinaz Ghodrati, Shahbano Mustafa, Mahtab Naserifar, Marc Nuñez, Gill Marjorie Onate, Konrad Samsel, Renée Schryer, Sherry Wang, Jenna Wilson, Ashley Bo Zhang, Jessica Zhang and Artur K. Jakubowski as Program Coordinator.

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