Are Grade 12 students eligible?

The student body consists of 95% of Grade 10 and 11 students. The program accepts Grade 12 students but first, we would like to give you more context. Our experience in the past shows that by the time MED YSP program starts in the summer, many Grade 12 students would have accepted their university/college offers. We noticed that most students, but not all, were not as engaged in the program. However, if you are a motivated student that wants to plan ahead, MED YSP will help you prepare for first-year university classes and give you the lab experience skills and experience to succeed!

When is the supplemental information due?

The date to hand in supplemental information varies year to year. The date will be provided in your confirmation email and should be updated on our website for more information. Please ensure that you provide this information in a timely manner and within the deadline as it will allow us enough time to prepare for the program itself.

What emails should I expect to receive?

After including your email at the ACTIVE website, if you do not already have an account you’ll be sent an email to create a password and confirm your account.

You will receive an email which is your receipt after you have paid for the program.

You will also get a confirmation email once you have successfully registered for the program. You will only receive ONE email for each student regardless of how many modules you have signed up for. This email will provide further information about the program including an Information Package for Students, Parents, and Guardians as well as information about the supplemental forms.

You may receive additional emails if you have left your application in an incomplete state, or reminder emails about completing your supplemental information.

Before your module begins you should receive an email detailing what to expect on the first day.

Why can’t I sign back into my account?

Listed are the most common solutions:

  • Ensure that you are going to the link to sign back into your account, not the link for registration. You should be using this link:
  • Confirm that you are using the correct username. Your user name is the same as the email address you used to create the account. Please ensure that you use the same email address as the one used to register for the program. If you made a typo in your email address when initially signing into the system, you must include the typo in your username.
  • Confirm your Online Account Email Address Status. You status should be listed as “Active”. If you get the error message, “This person is not associated with an online account” the status will be “Invited”. In this case an invitation has been sent but not accepted or opened. The Invite can be cancelled and re-sent.
  • If none of the above helped resolve the issue then, please contact us.

How long to I have to complete the initial registration via

If you leave the registration page on idle for more than 60 minutes, for security reasons it will sign you out and you will lose all progress made on registration. Please ensure that you fill out the initial registration in one sitting. Additionally if there is high demand for the program you may end up losing your spot if the information is not submitted within 15 minutes.

Registration for the program will remain open from the initial registration date until the program begins. However, spaces in the program tend to fill up very quickly.