Transfer Policy

Registering in both Medicine and Law YSP

  • Students can attend both Law YSP and Med YSP programs independently, as long as the dates of the modules do not overlap. If a participant requests to “transfer” between the two programs, we would need the participant to cancel their registration in one of their Faculties and register in the other Faculty.
  • If a student registers for both Med and Law YSP modules, each Faculty will charge a $98 registration fee, as these are different programs.

Transfers within the same Faculty

We will accommodate requests to transfer your registration from your original registered module to another module in the same Faculty (i.e. Temerty Faculty of Medicine or Faculty of Law), at no cost, provided that:

  • Your request is made at least two weeks in advance of both the original module and the requested module’s start date.
  • Space is available in the requested module.
  • The original module and the requested module take place in the same calendar year.

If no space is available in your requested module, you will be given the option to be placed on the waitlist and you will be subject to our waitlist policy.

Transfers between Faculties

  • If you are transferring from Law Youth Summer Program to Med Youth Summer Program you pay the difference in module fees and the transfer fee of $98.
  • If you are transferring from Med Youth Summer Program to Law Youth Summer Program you pay the transfer fee of $98. The difference in module fees will only be refunded if the transfer is made before May 17, 2023, midnight EST.